Competition Rules

(effective 2/5/2014)

  1. General Rules:

    1. Competitions in prints and digital projection are held at regular monthly meetings and
      at the Salon which is held annually in December. See Salon Rules, published elsewhere,
      for details concerning the Salon. Competition is open to all members in good standing of
      the Pikes Peak Camera Club.
    2. Competitors may submit up to two (2) images in each competition division/category
      in a monthly competition meeting.

      1. Images so similar as to be almost identical cannot be entered in more than one
        division/category in any given month, whether print or digital projection. An individual
        image can be entered in only one division/category in any given month.
      2. Each image submitted must have been exposed by the entrant. Each entry must
        have a title, and must bear the entrant’s name. Members may enter Print and Digital
        Projection Competitions. See Print and Digital Projection Competition Rules for details.
      3. Entrants may give their work to someone else to submit for them.
      4. A list of Subjects is provided annually, one Subject for each competition month. Any
        photographic subject may be entered in the “Open” competition division.
      5. Entries are not eligible for monthly competition of the club if they have won Awards or
        Honorable Mentions (HMs) in previous monthly competitions. This means if an image
        that has won in a regular monthly competition, whether in print or digital projection, it
        may not be entered in any regular monthly competition again.

        1. Images so similar as to be almost identical to images that have won Awards
          or Honorable Mentions (HMs) in monthly competition, regardless of the title, are
          ineligible for competition.
        2. An image that has won in a salon or scavenger hunt may be entered in a
          regular monthly competition.
        3. An image that has won in a regular monthly competition may be entered in
          the salon.
      6. Computer enhanced images are eligible for competition.
        1. The image must be exposed by the entrant and must originate in a camera on
          photographic film or on a digital sensor. Any modification of the original image
          must be made by the entrant.
        2. Images downloaded from any www. type website are not allowed to be any
          part of an image entered in competition.
  2. Instructions to Judges:

    1. Competition divisions (prints and digital projection, categories (subject and open,
      Creative for digital also) are judged separately. Judges are instructed to use the
      following criteria in evaluating images: Technical Quality, Composition, Impact, and

      1. For “Subject” entries, the Judge also must take into account how well the
        entry fits the subject category.
      2. Comments and constructive criticism are encouraged, but not required for
        each entry.
    2. Judges will give each entry a score of from 1 to 10 points, except for Subject entries
      that do not fit the Subject category. These images may receive a score of 0 (zero).
      Images will be awarded a point value using the following scale:
      10 – 9 Excellent
      8 – 7 Above average
      6 – 5 Average
      4 – 3 Below average
      2 – 1 Poor
      0 Rejected to be used only if the entry does not conform to the assigned subject.

      1. Judges are encouraged to use the entire point scale when awarding points.
      2. The judge determines how well an entry fits the subject and awards points
      3. The quality or color of matting for prints will not be a determining factor in
        scoring points.
    3. In addition to awarding points to each print or digital image; the judge will select
      “Awards” and “Honorable Mentions”. Ten percent of the entries in each category will be
      given Awards, and ten percent Honorable Mention. If ten percent is not a whole number,
      then the next higher number will be used. Points awarded to entries should be based on
      the merits of the entry, not the number of Awards and Honorable Mentions to be given.
    4. If time permits, after the judging in each division/category, members are encouraged
      to ask questions about any of the images shown, such as exposure information, filters
      used, location, etc.
    5. The judge shall be provided the information as defined in COMPETITION RULES PROJECTED DIGITAL #3 regarding what qualifies as a Creative image for the Creative
      category in advance of the competition.
  3. Point System: Each entrant receives a monthly point score equal to the sum of the points awarded by the judges plus one (1) point for each Honorable Mention, and two (2) points for each Award. Scores are accumulated for the year from January through November, awards based on these totals are presented at the annual Salon Banquet. Scavenger Hunt points are excluded from this total.

  4. Salon Eligibility: The Salon is a separate competition held annually in December. The Salon has a separate set of subjects and is judged in November. See Salon Rules for details. Members who enter at least one print or digital projection image in monthly competition during a competition year (January November), may compete in the Salon.

  5. Makeup Entries: Club members who are unable to submit their images for competition (or are unable to give them to someone else to submit) due to bad weather or other emergencies, must receive verbal approval from the President or Vice President, in order to have their images judged for “points only” at the next competition meeting. Awards or Honorable Mentions cannot be awarded.

  6. Member Judges: A club member who volunteers to judge a monthly competition may submit his or her images for that competition for “points only” at the next following monthly competition. Awards or HM’s cannot be awarded.

  7. Competition Rules Prints:

    1. Print competition consists of SUBJECT and OPEN categories. The competitor may
      enter up to four images, with a maximum of two images submitted to each category.
    2. Black & White negative film, color negative and color processed
      black & white film may be processed commercially or by the entrant. Final print may be processed commercially or by the entrant. Digital files may be printed commercially or by the
      entrant, and entered in open and subject categories.
    3. The same print image may not be entered in the “Open” and “Subject” Print
      categories in the same month.
    4. To Prepare Prints for Competition:
      1. Prints are limited to a maximum size of 26 inches high by 34 inches long,
        including mounting which may be mat board or foam board.
      2. Prints must be matted for competition, do not frame for competition.
      3. The entrants’ name and title shall be placed in the upper left corner on the
        reverse side. Untitled prints are not eligible for competition unless the monthly
        subjects specifies no title.
    5. Entries must be turned in to the Print Committee no later than the starting of each
      meeting. Late prints are not eligible for competition.
  8. Competition Rules Projected Digital:

    1. Projected Digital competition consists of SUBJECT, CREATIVE, and OPEN
      categories. The competitor may enter up to six images, with a maximum of two images
      submitted to each category.
    2. Projected Digital Image File Requirements:
      1. JPG format ,File size: ~500 kb, Colorspace: sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998,
        Compression: 72dpi/7 – 10 quality (suggested)
      2. Image Size: Horizontal 1080px shortest side; Vertical 1080px longest side.
        Horizontal panorama 1920px longest side
      3. Naming structure: yy_mm_Open(or subject or creative)_Title_YourName Eg.
        09_01_Subject_my photo_John Doe
    3. Creative Category Images:
      1. All components making up the image should be the work of the submitter.
        Images taken from the web may not be used as a component in an image in any
      2. Clip art should not be included in any form.
      3. Ideally, anything “made” in Photoshop should be the work of the submitter. An
        example would be converting an original image of a cloud to a brush and using it
        in some manner in the image. Things that come with Photoshop (or other image
        editing applications) can be used and manipulated but may not be a key
        component in the image. (i.e. Using Fibers (in PS Filters/Render/Fibers) as a
        starting point to create rain, or ocean waves or wood textures would be
      4. HDR can be a part of the manipulation, just not the only change made to the
      5. Single keystroke manipulations do not typically score well in the Creative
        Competitions. A “tiny world” made by using the Polar Coordinates (in PS Filter/
        Distort/Polar Coordinates) filter typically doesn’t do well. Same with
        Glowing Edges, Solarize, Pixelate and other one keystroke changes. On the
        other hand, all those (and more) may be used as a component of a larger image.
    4. Open and Subject categories must be limited to the original image with only standard
      editing. Altered form, extreme HDR resulting in a substantially different final image and
      including other manipulations, and compositing elements of more than one image must
      be limited to the Creative category.
    5. The same image may not be entered more than one Projected Digital category in the
      same month.
    6. Entries must be turned in to the Digital Committee no later than the starting of each
      meeting. Images may be emailed to Digital Committee prior to the Sunday before the
      competition evening. Late images are not eligible for competition.