Pikes Peak Camera Club Competition


  • January: Zen Photography

Make an image that whispers serenity, simplicity, harmony. Make an image as silent as can be

  • February: Barns, farms, country scenes

  • March: Walls

Any kind of wall, man-made or natural, like a dike or cliff wall

  • April: Accidental Letters

The shape of letters can be found in nature and in other objects. Create an interesting photograph containing something which has the shape of a letter but wasn’t intended to be one.

  • May: Stairs

Interior or exterior

  • June: Something unique to an area

Could be a travel photo, or in and around CO.  Should capture something totally unique to the area in which it was photographed, an image that you wouldn’t find somewhere else.

  • July: From the Ground Up

Take your best image from the perspective of the ground up.

  • August: Rows

Anything repeated in a row or rows naturally occurring or placed

  • September: Three-of-a-Kind

  • October: Four-legged babies

Can be zoo animals

  • November: Snow white

White is the predominate color

  • December: Salon Dinner